Refreshr App Week 1

Created: February 13, 2019
Updated: November 14, 2019

Part 1 - Individual Accomplishments

week1 My github: timh1203

I did a lot of organizing of the presentation for our Technical Design Document presentation. Specifically, I researched more about our competitors, react hooks, and comparisons of using MongoDB vs PostgreSQL. The initial setup was difficult due to this was our first major experience working with the github flow, slack, and communications in general. We used the slack PR channel to monitor pull requests and to get them merged quickly. Google Hangout also proved invaluable as we were able to collaborate with multiple screenshares also. Some accomplishments this week including learning how to use material-ui, obtaining a professional account on Netlify for deployment, and getting better at communications between developers.

Ticket 1 Github Ticket 1 Trello

Ticket 2 Github Ticket 2 Trello

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Detailed Analysis: Ticket 2

Screenshot 2019-02-14 17.24.38

With the implementation of the Material-UI (MUI) library, new syntax was presented to style components. It was difficult to understand at first but with the help of a teammate, the syntax became much clearer.

I basically set up a view file for the user interface, which consisted of the navigation crumbs, navigation menus, and the view area for the different cards. Layout was confusing due to MUI laying out its components in a grid system with container, item, spacing, and screensize parameters. There was also a style object that was created for each component so styles were isolated locally.

With the screenshots, you can see how everything is lined up to match up similarly to the Balsamiq layout. The layout is turning out better than I expected. I'd like to mention that I tried to implement a sidebar feature built into material UI but it didn't quite match the Balsamiq. Perhaps, it would be a new feature when we update it during UI/UX week.

The main difficulty was the layout with component separation being second. It was a good learning experience working with a new library.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 17.25.38

Screenshot 2019-02-14 17.25.02

Part 2 - Milestone Reflections

Describe the research you personally conducted to find out information on a competitor, investigate a technical solution to a specific problem, or define your customers.

We looked together to find more about our competitors including Socrative, Quizlet, and Nearpod. I looked through the different features and picked out unique ones to add to the TDD document. I took screenshots to also add to the document.

A specific problem that our app addresses is that it does not require the student to make a student account. We will carry this process out through using a magic link available by Auth0. Then we will also use SendGrid to send out emails to the students with the magic links so that they can receive the link to the quiz.

Our customers are basically teachers who have little time beyond the classroom to reinforce important lesson concepts. With the use of some preparation, the teacher can send students a light refresher on the topic and pose a multiple choice question about the topic. I think this is a genius solution to help students review the information quickly outside of the classroom. The teacher is the customer but it is the students that truly benefit.

Our front end deployment:

Our back end deployment:

User Models: dataModel